The High Cost Of A Nod And A Wink


(Above: Luke Ming Flanagan at a press conference in Buswells Hotel where extracts from a dossier of evidence referring to tens of thousands of fixed penalty notices being cancelled were presented.)

A motorist who was caught driving at 155km in a 100km zone and had his speeding ticket quashed was later involved in a crash in which another driver died, according to data released by four TDs yesterday.

A second motorist, who was killed in a crash in 2012, had a speeding ticket quashed by an inspector a month earlier. A third motorist, who had been speeding at 135km in a 100km zone and had his ticket “terminated” by a Garda inspector, was later involved in a hit and run and killed a pedestrian.

The 20 examples released by TDs Clare Daly, Mick Wallace, Joan Collins and Luke Ming Flanagan were from a dossier put together by two Garda whistleblowers. The TDs said they had been warned by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner not to release the full dossier, which included names, locations and specific dates.

In six of the examples, motorists who had speeding offences quashed by gardaí were later involved in fatal crashes.

‘Quashed ticket’ motorists in fatal crashes (Fiona Gartland, Irish Times)

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(Wanderley Massafelli/Photocall Ireland)

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