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Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte has attacked media coverage of politics, criticising it for “all-pervasive negativity” and for refusing to “give a damn” about the consequences of its reporting.
In an interview with The Irish Times he suggested that relentless denigration of politics had adverse effects on society.

“You are dealing with a very cranky media who advocate tough decision-making and when they get tough decisions they start piddling around at the edges trying to unravel it.

“There is an all-pervasive negativity in the media that is not helping the mood of a people that is in distress and difficulty. I don’t think the media give a damn about where this is going to bring politics. It is worthy of some thought of where the constant denigration of politics is going to bring us,” he said.

Oh, be nice.

Rabbitte accuses media of damaging democracy by ‘denigrating’ politics (Harry McGee, Irish Times)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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