I Drink Your Milkshake


Hello Hugh.

“We recognise that linking is the lifeblood of the online world and we encourage our digital community to share links as widely as possible. Therefore, The Irish Times does not see links as copyrightable and will not attempt to impose any restrictions on the posting elsewhere on the Internet of mere URLs that refer to its content,” said Hugh Linehan (above), online editor of The Irish Times.

“We have no problem at all with anybody linking directly to our articles. However, The Irish Times takes issue with automated ‘scraping’, summarisation, and aggregation, of its content,” he said. “All commercial reproduction or republication of The Irish Times’ content is subject to licensing requirements that the Newspaper Licensing Ireland oversees.”

Scraping, eh?

Newspaper Responds To Copyright Row (Laura Slattery, irish Times)




Pic via RTE