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Nova Collective – Quick Bossa

Tom Lowe writes:

Just giving you a heads up about a music video some mates of mine produced and are releasing today. It’s like a bossanova Ben Folds, I like it a lot. The group’s called Nova Collective, and is composed of a bunch of very talented musicians, including some of the key people responsible for Trinity Orchestra’s successes over the last few years.

Louis Ryan (piano + composition), Fiachra Kinder (drums), Alex Ryan (bass), Rob Kearns (guitar + recording), Andrew Hozier-Byrne (vocals). Aaron Heffernan plays the janitor. Filming and Editing – James O’Brien Moran Directing – Dan Colley and James O’Brien Moran; Costumes – Emma Gleeson; Lighting Design – Colm McNally Caretaker – Aaron Heffernan; Vocals – Andrew Hozier-Byrne; Drums and Percussion – Fiachra Kinder; Piano – Louis Ryan Bass – Alex Ryan; Guitar – Rob Kearns; Music and Lyrics – Louis Ryan; Recording – Rob Kearns; Mixing – Rob Kearns and David Tapley; Mastering – Wavefarm Productions; Producer – Louis Ryan