Your Irish Hospital Breakfast Has Arrived


At Beaumont Hospital, Co Dublin.

Wait for it…


Ian F writes:

Ok, So I was in Beaumont last Aug’, I was in for a while so the food became a pretty hilarious distraction after a while, they give you menus the day before and you can pick from two or three options, so in a way I was responsible for what arrived, sadly the description never matched what lurked under the deceptively fancy metal cover, I rarely touched it. Above was a breakfast while below I called the “let’s just cook whatever is left in the fridge” dish, consisting of a spring roll with sweet chilli sauce, boiled potatoes and what looks like an entire can of sweetcorn, I must add though, that the staff of Beaumont do an amazing job and I cannot speak highly enough of them, they have to work within the budgets imposed on them and perform miracles on a daily basis.

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