This Week’s ‘Award-Winning’ Le Cool Dublin Cover


The judges’ decision was unanimous.

George Longwill’s cover (above) is the first winner (of four) of the Le Cool Dublin Cover competition thing.

But what’s with the calculator? And who is the real George?

He sez:

I’m a graphic designer. I run a small design company called Chuffey with my sister Liz. I generally spend the day at my keyboard designing, while Liz brings in work, and big-ups us to the world. Most of the time I’m doing bathroom catalogues and cow-related adverts really. If it’s got a cow on it, I probably designed it! (unless it’s crap in which case it was someone else).

This was my Dad’s calculator and I use it for working out my millimeters when designing (I’ve found from experience it’s important to get these right). Just thought it was kind of cool because it is all grubby and also fitted January seasonally – it is pretty grim and a time for budgeting and well calculating things.


Le Cool Dublin

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