Something A Bit Loaves And Fishy About This


Saturday’s pro-life vigil.

Taking up an entire side of  Merrion Square, Dublin, on Saturday..

So, how many?

Anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000, claim organisers.

Rubbish, you say?

Time to call in Crowdsizeapp…

From Workers Solidarity Movement:

This is a simple process of pulling up a map of the area, drawing a box around the area occupied – very easy in this case as it was entirely enclosed by crowd control barriers and then entering a density estimate for the crowd. We were actually very generous and went for the maximum available density despite the fact it was obvious the crowd was not packed in that tightly. As can be seen [above] this suggests a maximum crowd size of 14,370. There is no physical way to fit 25,000 people into the available space without them being on each other shoulders – and the Vigil for Life crowd were really not up to such rock concert conditions. 30,000 or 50,000 are simply ludicrous estimates that would have required stacking people three high.


Poor Turnout Despite Massive Spending (

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