Thomas Donoghue In The Raw


Thomas Donoghue – Solace

Stag’s Head Raw at The Stag’s Head, Dame Court, Dublin – the cosy home of Irish music –  returns this Sunday with a session by white-dreaded minstrel Thomas Donoghue and his band.

Sez Raw’s Barry:

Thomas is an Irish songwriter from Kilkenny. He has played with many well known Irish acts, most recently for “Souls” (ex Kerbdog members). After making the decision to release solo material under his own name he spent the last year putting a hand picked group of musicians together to form The Thomas Donoghue Band which includes Ken Farrell (bass), Dan Pearson (drums) and Geoff Warner Clayton (piano).


Sunday 8pm. €8.

Thomas Donoghue Band (Facebook)

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