Pro Joyce Competition


Luke Connolly of the Icon Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin writes:

We’re an artist’s co-operative, not-for-profit organization based in Temple Bar, in Dublin and run entirely by volunteers.

The Icon Walk is an amazing open-air art installation, located in several lanes and small streets in Temple Bar. Dedicated to celebrating the icons of Irish culture- in all it forms, The Icon Walk is inclusive, feisty and highly original. All the icons are original artworks donated by Dublin based artists. It’s full of familiar faces, rendered in original ways.

The Icon Factory, Aston Place, also gives artists a space in which to display their work and to create a range of artworks and products based on the icons.

To mark the 131st anniversary of James Joyce’s birth [last Saturday] we have been running a competition and giving away pieces of original and limited edition Joyce-themed artwork by our artists (samples above).

We would be extremely grateful if you could share our facebook page/competition with your followers.Our Facebook and the competition event can be found here.

Icon Factory

No cash, favours, prints, etc, were given for this post


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