What The Puck?



Or ARE they?

Jamie Hickey writes:

I am a part of an Ice Hockey club in Dublin (Yes Ice Hockey) and We have an issue/opportunity for the right person. The palms of our gloves experience wear from the use of the stick. Our sport is expensive enough as it is, without having to constantly replace gloves. This a procedure called “Repalming” which gives the glove a new palm and lengthens life span. Hard to come by in Ireland as you can imagine. I am looking for an alterations person, or perhaps an America/Canadian who knows what they are doing and can either ‘repalm’ gloves or simply patch up the areas of wear!

We have over 50 registered members in this club alone, all of which will need their gloves done at one point or another, and the connection with this person could create a great revenue stream for an alterations professional looking for some extra cash.


Emails to ‘Repalming’ broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. We’ll forward them to Jamie.

Handy little numbers to ‘Nice Nixers’ at broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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