Following the mystery of Jimmy Wet Bread yesterday.

Meet Jack Haugh.

Also known as Mill Cushin

He was the drinking man’s Bang Bang.

“..[t]here was something of appearance in his manner between a knave and a fool; but the former had the greater preponderance.  He was blind of one eye, had a large bottle nose and was eternally on the broad grin.  It was his usual custom to walk the streets with a stout piece of shillelah in one hand, and a kind of cap in the other, soliciting money from almost every person he met, and was never at a loss for a pleasant story or a miserable tale, describing the necessity he was under of paying a rapacious landlord or landlady, to prevent his passing the night under a bulk in the streets.”

James Caulfield, Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters, of Remarkable Persons (1820)


Forgotten Dublin Street Characters (Sibling of Daedalus)

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