Ireland Needs A Truss



In an interview in today’s Irish Times, Christine Lagarde – head of the International Monetary Fund sez:

“We want Ireland to be a success,” and added she wanted to see how the IMF and the Irish authorities could best plan for a successful conclusion to the programme while making sure there would not be a relapse.

“That is what I am most concerned about,” Ms Lagarde said.

“Clearly the world economy avoided collapse last year and I am very concerned that, by moving into a semi-complacent mood, people risk a relapse.”

Asked about the risk of a relapse in Ireland, she said: “Our sense is that it is better to plan than to get caught afterwards with a need for support down the road.”

Surgical knickers ahoy.

Kenny says main goal after two years is to exit bailout (Mary Minihan, John McManus, Irish Times)

(Pic Getty Images/Zimbio)

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