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Taoiseach Enda Kenny and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde at Government Buildings this morning.



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‘That Makes No Sense’

Christine BLAGARD

Pics via Merrion Street






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A video comprising Irish Independent writer Colette Browne’s popular column from yesterday [denouncing  the IMF debt ‘deal’] blended with Today FM’s Ray D’Arcy ‘impressively rocking out’ to the Black Keys’ Lonely Boy in a celebrated parody of the video for same.

Some day all columns will may be presented in this manner.

Made by Conor McCabe.

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Just a quarter.

 Completing its tenth review of Ireland’s bailout programme, which also saw it release the final €950m of its loans, the IMF said there needed to be resolution on the 25% of loans that are currently non-performing.

The IMF said it was vital that this was achieved before the country enters the European banking union, and ahead of European stress tests due to take place next year.

And good luck with that.

Bad loans at Irish banks hindering new lending – IMF (RTE)

IMF approves $1.27bn to Ireland (irish Times)


The outlook for economic recovery remains “highly uncertain” over the medium term, a new International Monetary Fund report has warned.

The staff report concludes that the Government has achieved strong policy implementation of the bailout programme so far, and it refers to the fact that market access has markedly improved.

But in a relatively downbeat assessment, the report also flags as as significant hurdles declines in domestic demand, high public and private debt, ongoing problems with profitability and lending in the banking sector.


Referring to inadequate progress by banks, the IMF staff appraisal is that a sharp improvement is needed in dealing with non-performing loans. This is “critical to strengthen prospects for recovery”, it has stated.


Seems Chomsky was being optimistic.

Economic recovery in medium term ‘highly uncertain’ – IMF (HarryMcGee, Irish Times)

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(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


The latest IMF report card is in.

They want more houses repossessed.

And faster.

RTÉ reports:

“The IMF states lenders are “only beginning to tackle non-performing loans”.

It says repossessions are low at 0.3% of total mortgage arrears in 2012, compared to 3.25% in Britain and the US.The IMF said that suggested a need to strengthen the efficiency of the repossession regime. It also says that the designation of specialist judges could concentrate expertise for handling a “potentially larger volume of repossession cases in an expedited manner”, while maintaining protections for homeowners.”


IMF delivers tough assessment of Irish economy (RTÉ)

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(Pic: The Atlantic)


In an interview in today’s Irish Times, Christine Lagarde – head of the International Monetary Fund sez:

“We want Ireland to be a success,” and added she wanted to see how the IMF and the Irish authorities could best plan for a successful conclusion to the programme while making sure there would not be a relapse.

“That is what I am most concerned about,” Ms Lagarde said.

“Clearly the world economy avoided collapse last year and I am very concerned that, by moving into a semi-complacent mood, people risk a relapse.”

Asked about the risk of a relapse in Ireland, she said: “Our sense is that it is better to plan than to get caught afterwards with a need for support down the road.”

Surgical knickers ahoy.

Kenny says main goal after two years is to exit bailout (Mary Minihan, John McManus, Irish Times)

(Pic Getty Images/Zimbio)