Are You Renting?


Screen-Shot-2012-10-10-at-15.33.07No more ‘crying’ chairs and turkey stickers on the oven?

Not quite.

Anon writes:

I want to let you (and more importantly your readers) know about new legislation that came into effect regarding rental property in February of this year.

I only became aware of this, as I recently moved into a new apartment. I discovered a number of things wrong with the apartment e.g. No heating in the living room, no way of drying clothes.

After receiving a very blunt e-mail from the management company, acting on behalf of the landlord, I contacted Threshold. It turns out there are a number of things which are now compulsory for rented accommodation as the “phasing in period” ended on 31st January.

Of course legislation is only useful if tenants ensure it is enforced, by not accepting substandard accommodation. There is still a risk that by complaining a landlord will terminate the lease and get another tenant who will accept the property as is. It’s therefore important that all tenants are informed. As my dispute is ongoing with my current landlord, I would ask that you do not reveal my identity.

Minimal Standards For Rented Housing (


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