Anti Depressants In An Age Of Suicide



In today’s Irish Examiner, Leonie Fennell who has been campaigning to raise awareness of the side effects of SSRI anti-depressants reveals the suicide of her brother-in-law who died after taking the same medication which she believes led to the death of her son, Shane Clancy (above).

Shane stabbed another young man to death, injured two others, and then killed himself in 2009.

What is interesting in Leonie’s campaign is the continued denial by some of a link between suicide and anti-depressants.

Professor Patricia Casey, representing the College of Psychiatry of Ireland attended Shane’s inquest and took issue with the linking of his medication to the homicide and suicide.

She has had a long association with Lundbeck, makers of anti-depressants such as Lexapro and Citalopram.

She has stated that there is no evidence to suggest that anti-depressants cause suicide yet there is plenty of evidence from the FDA and EMA to contradict her.

The now retired Assistant State Pathologist, Dr Declan Gilsenan said last year that he had seen too many suicides linked to anti-depressants.

And you might wonder with the increased use of anti-depressants why the rate of suicide is so high?

Woman: Antidepressants Led To Suicides Of Relatives (Irish Examiner)