skysportstvapp_large_verge_medium_landscapeDon’t let them tell you what you can’t spend your money on.

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The new bank guidelines for permitted spending by those people who will get the let off, or debt rescheduling, seem more than fair. As it is, those who plan to stay paying their crippling mortgages get very irked when they hear calls for those who getting a let off, to also be able to have Sky Sports and go on foreign holidays. We have to get real here, and have some fairness.
For example, €29  a week seems fine to me for a person to do social activity and go to the cinema.  Maybe don’t go to the cinema, if you want to save your house! And the monthly(!) clothing allowance is reasonable. I certainly wouldn’t be buying new clothes every month- or every six months at this stage. It is a matter of fairness. It would create great resentment if a whole bunch of people were able to get debt forgiveness, and have a better lifestyle than those who are struggling to honour their debts.


I find it hard to make ends meet, but I don’t expect a state hand-out (Eamon Delaney,

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