Carried In Good Faith


0006ddfe-642Is there an IMO-registered doctor in the house.


Irish Medical News understands that several former or never-before members joined in the weeks leading up to this year’s AGM and may have resigned hours after the abortion motions were debated.

The IMO’s Constitution and Rules states that ordinary members who are eligible to vote must be “registered or provisionally registered under the Medical Practitioners Act for the time being in force in the State”.

It is understood that some people who voted may not have been eligible to do so under this criteria.

Dr Rory O’Hanlon, former Health Minister and retired GP, voted during the meeting but is no longer registered with the Medical Council.

The Rules also state, however, that proceedings “carried on in good faith” cannot be invalidated later.


Abortion Voting Eligibility Questioned (Danielle Barron, Irish Medical News)

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