The Irishman Who Taught The Scots How To Speak English


Thomas_Sheridan-2Och here.

Thomas Sheridan.

He was literally high-brow.

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

Further to the dialect post from Friday. This is Thomas Sheridan, born in Capel Street, Dublin, whose Course of Lectures on Elocution, delivered in Edinburgh in 1761 to an audience ‘anxious to cure themselves of a provincial or vicious presentation’, led to the development of the famed Morningside accent.

Sheridan’s subsequent Academy for the Instruction of Young Gentlemen in the Art of Reading and Reciting proved a financial failure, and he returned to Ireland and the management of the Theatre Royal.

His most enduring legacy, the pronunciation of ‘girls’ as ‘gels’, lives on today in the so-refined tones of Maggie Smith as Morningside resident Miss Jean Brodie in her prime…


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