Broadsheet Trailer Park: Drum Belly



What you may need to know.

1. A Trailer Park first – a trailer for a play. What next?

2. Drum Belly is written by Michael Richard Dormer, the man of the moment thanks to his top performance in Good Vibrations (2013) – best Irish movie of the year, possibly the decade. He’s also in the new series of Game Of Thrones.

3. The testosterone heavy cast includes Declan Conlon, who just won the Irish Times Theatre Award, alongside Liam Carney, Phelim Drew and Karl Shiels.

4. Want to win two tickets to see it?

5. Care to pitch us your own Irish mob movie?

6. Call it Paddywhacked, and leave an outline below by MIDNIGHT tonight (Friday). Best pitch gets the tix.

Release Date: Now Playing


No tickets, favours, drums, etc. were given for this post although the play has been advertised on Broadsheet.