Do It For Heber


hanlyHe’s up for the ‘best job in the world’.

Comment moderator on Broadsheet.

A lifestyle photographer in Australia.

Heber Hanly writes:

I am writing to inform you that I have been shortlisted as part of the Best Jobs in the World competition. It is a competition run by the Australian tourism board to find people both locally and internationally to work in certain jobs. I am one of three Irish people selected in the shortlist.
The role I am attempting to fill is that of lifestyle photographer. If I get it I will essentially be doing is working as a photojournalist in Melbourne for 6 months. Now that I have been selected I have to begin promoting myself in local media. When I heard this I thought about contacting you guys as you directed a lot of traffic towards my Junior Spesh video (which I would like to really thank you for as it brightened my day).

Watch here: ‘Best Job in the World’ (

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