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You may recall the post (above) last Tuesday concerning ‘Hadiq’ from Afghanistan.

About the ‘direct provision’ service provided to asylum seekers in ireland.

-1Hadiqullah Niazi (above) writes:

I would like to thank people for their condolences and support. I want to share something with you and that is that  I am a disabled.  I mean I don’t have my right leg so I’m on crutches all the time and the reason why I expressed my anxiety over the system of direct provision is because it it very hard for me to stay in hostels and there is no priority or special attention for disabled asylum seekers. They get the same service as normal asylum seekers so I can’t do all the stuff I need to. While I was back in Afghanistan everything was carried out for me by family accordingly but unfortunately I don’t have anyone here to do it for me so that’s why I said everything. I have to face the difficulty because  I have no other choice and I can’t go back to Afghanistan for some serious reasons. I  beg apology of you all if anyone minds any words that I have said.”


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Pic : Hadiq