The Rumble About The Bundle


1279188069eirngb01cEircom’s Next Generation Broadband.

Not so fast.

Alan O’Reilly writes:

So last year I made a complaint to the ASAI [Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland], this was based a long and rather annoying argument with Eircom.

In essence Eircom only advertise broadband products including bundles that are available to NGB (Next Generation Broadband) enabled Exchanges, however a large number of exchanges do not provide NGB including my Local Exchange in Tullow Co. Carlow, in response to a query from the ASAI, Eircom said that 73% of lines in their exchanges could avail of NGB and of their existing customers, 65% were within a NGB exchange.

35% of customers can’t access NGB and so can’t access any of the broadband products that Eircom advertise on their website.

So after several months the ASAI have upheld my complaint and stated that Eircom need to change how they advertise Broadband services, as of today Eircom have not made those changes.


Eircom complaint (ASAI)


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