The Girls Of Jordan



It’s Amman’s world.

The UN Children’s Fund (Unicef) has published its annual State of the World’s Children report with special focus on children with disabilities.

Among its findings:

In Jordan, 91% of girls think wife-beating is justified – in Timor Leste, 81% of girls think the same, compared to 72% of boys. Girls that are least likely to hold a belief that if married they could justifiably be beaten are in Serbia (2%), Ukraine (3%) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (4%).

Even more interestingly, this doesn’t appear related to access to information.

Girls in Jordan have some of the best access to mass media in the world with 97% using a newspaper, magazine, television or radio at least once a week. In Egypt, where the same proportion of girls have access to mass media, 50% believe that wife-beating is justified.


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