Greece Shuts Down Its RTE


28aa29103a1526a3792ceafe9db576ef_LAn ERT newsreader this evening.

Outlook: not scorchio.

The government in Greece announced it is shutting down the country’s national broadcaster ERT. Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou announced the corporation’s television and radio stations will go off-air at midnight tonight. He said the corporation  is a “characteristic case of lack of transparency and waste”, that it has not been audited for eight years and that it costs Greek licence payers 300 million euros a year through their electricity bill. Kedikoglou said ERT had 3-7 times higher costs than private channels and low ratings. The sposkesman added that a new, leaner organisation will be created but did not specify when this would happen.

Greece shuts down national broadcaster (NewEurope)

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