A Handle On Your Bike


il_570xN.355314312_lhyp il_570xN.355319973_syzy il_570xN.355314866_i3wpThe Frame Handle, originally launched on Kickstarter and now available to buy for €27.72, is a simple, nifty and ergonomic way to heft your bike. Etsy seller Walnut Studio sez:

Most riders pick up their bike by the top tube, which requires you to bend your elbow at an uncomfortable angle. This causes strain on your elbow and shoulder and makes carrying your bike any distance feel awkward. Because it’s easier to lift a bike with the Frame Handle, you’re more in control when walking up stairs or in a crowded setting. The Frame Handle has two adjustable buckles. One that wraps around the down-tube and one around the seat-tube. It can be mounted above the derailleur and below most water bottle cages.