The Play What Alan Wrote


-2Snake Oil.

By Alan O’Regan.

The man behind the Chompksy reboot.

“A chance meeting in an airport bar between Ed (Raymond Keane), an older businessman and Shell (Ciara O’Callaghan), a young woman in financial difficulty leads to a tactful proposition. As a result, Ed encounters Conor (Gerard Adlum), a young man who appears on the surface to be an idle student but may just hold the key to a potentially revolutionary and very lucrative formula.The meeting between Shell and Ed could mean a remedy for one and all, but was it by chance?

No part for a certain top-hatted dog then?

Never mind.

Snake Oil opens tomorrow Tuesday 18th June in Theatre Upstairs, Lanigan’s Bar, Eden Quay (around the corner from the Abbey). Lunchtime and Evening Shows running until June 29.

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