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insomniaVanessa Sullivan writes:

I went into [a] Insomnia yesterday to get some coffee and I was talking to the woman on duty. She went in to find she would be there for NINE  hours on her own because she said  the Company don’t want pay an extra person to work, in case it’s not that busy.

The place was packed being that it is the height of summer. She had to get store security up to mind the cash register if she wanted to use the toilet (which could be a 20 minute wait for security to come up to her) and no break since there is no cover. The company does not recognise trade unions or give permanent contracts.

She requested that as many people as possible email insomnia and complain to back her up. Please email and and show support to the staff of Insomnia and send a message to company bosses that this blatant disregard for employee rights is not acceptable.



Fiona, of Insomnia, writes:

We have followed up on Vanessa Sullivan’s comments and found that none of our employees in Cork work 9h shifts on Sunday.

The branch in question on Patrick Street is open for only 6hrs (Eason opening hours: 12 – 6pm).on a Sunday

Sunday trading levels in this store are the lowest in the group and last week we made a decision to reduce the number of employees on Sunday. All employees at Insomnia @ Eason, were offered to work half a day on Sunday but they preferred to make the shift into a full day at a premium rate. This was agreed with all employees at Insomnia Cork.

Insomnia promotes an open door policy and we’re disappointed to hear that the employee did not talk to her Manager or Head Office if she was unhappy about the shift. We will now split the Sunday shift into 2 separate ( 3 hr. ) shifts.

We at Insomnia treat all our employees very well and comply with the legislation and H&S requirements.


Fiona O ‘Doherty
Insomnia Coffee Company



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