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12/7/2007. Bonfires in Northern Ireland

Hundreds of homes will be without electricity on the night of 11 July because of the risks posed by a bonfire built close to overhead power lines.

The bonfire has been erected in the County Derry village of Articlave, and is sited on land belonging to the Housing Executive.

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) has written to about 300 customers living in the housing estate to inform them.

NIE has urged people to keep bonfires at a safe distance from power lines.

The firm’s communications manager, Julia Carson, said they had taken the decision to remove overhead lines in Articlave for a few hours on Thursday night due to safety concerns.

Articlave bonfire: 300 homes to lose power due to bonfire risk (BBC News NI)

(Albert Gonzalez / Photocall Ireland)

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