Pro-Life Neo-Nazis And YOU


nationalistpro(Above: a thread entitled: “Irish National photographs left wing scum at Pro Life rally” on the Nationalist Movement Ireland website and a Nationalist Ireland pro-lifer)

Were you demonstrating at last weekend’s pro-life rally in Dublin?

Ronan Kennedy writes:

At the counter-protest to the ‘Rally for Life’ last Saturday there was a group marching under the banner of ‘NationaIist Ireland‘.

It turns out that they had a photographer snapping photos of us counter-demonstrators. On their website homepage forum they like to imitate the neo-nazi site Redwatch by publishing photos of the Pro-Choice demonstrations and then finding out their personal info.

Shane Gavin adds:

I’m sure there are several broadsheet readers in
the photographs and they may want to contact the gardaí.

Irish National photographs left wing scum at Pro Life rally (nationalist

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