Fix Your OWN Amp


Maker0 Maker1 Maker2 Maker3If you like making music and fancy dabbling in DIY.

Thom Conaty writes:

“I run a Dublin based start-up that teaches musicians DIY electronics (how to make guitar pedals, synthesizers, amps etc…). We have been running workshops around Ireland for the past year (teaching over 250 musicians) and have recently received investment from Enterprise Ireland to expand the workshops and build an online learning platform.”

“We are just about to start twice monthly workshops in Dublin as well as in Belfast, Galway and Cork. By learning how to make their own equipment, musicians can create a sound that is unique to them, better understand the music they are making, and save a fortune on retail equipment. As a start-up we are obviously looking to spread the word about our project, and we thought (hoped really), that it be something that would interest your readership.”

Maker (Facebook)

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