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Would you like your child to learn music without having to learn music?

You may like this.

Musician/music teacher Shane McKenna, writes:

From my experience, tradition musical notation is not suitable for either teachers or children in today’s classrooms. It is a complex, abstract way of composing and performing music, which is very useful to professional musician, composers and theorists but not very relevant to primary school children or their teachers.

We have created a new multimedia method of teaching music to children through a combination of words, animation, illustration activities, performance and creativity.

The system is based on a collection of free online resources at which has been visited by over 12,000 people in the last year, all over the world, including 3000 from the UK. We also self published an activity book for children last Christmas.

The project is a collaboration myself  and street artist and educator Killian Redmonk. We believe this is the most accessible creative and beneficial way to learn about music and are currently running a campaign to raise money to upgrade the free online resources, into a fully interactive experience.


DabbledooMusic (Fundit)

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