Where Is My Switch Buddy?



Are you with Permanent TSB?

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Peter Prunty writes:

Your readers might be interested to know about issues with the Permanent TSB Switching system. I completed the switching forms over two weeks ago now, but as yet have not spoken to my “Switcher Buddy”.

I have received account details, and even a new card, but no-one has called to inform me of a switch over date and when I can expect to start using my account.

When I rang last week, I was told the system was down, but could expect a call once it was back online. Again, I rang today, 5 days later, and the system is still down. No-one can tell me when it will be back online.

No communication has been sent to those potentially impacted, and the website contains no notice of a problem – see link below.

Their marketing campaign promises to “get back to basics”. Unfortunately it seems to be the same basic errors their competitors have been making…