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90310643Captain John Goss, outside the High Court in 2004

Ryanair has sacked one of its longest serving pilots for revealing safety concerns in a Channel 4 documentary this week.
The airline said in a statement that Captain John Goss, who has been with Ryanair for 27 years, had been dismissed for “gross misconduct” with immediate effect and was being sued for defamation.

Ryanair pilot sacked over role in documentary (Irish Times)

Meanwhile, in April…

Ryanair’s longest-serving pilot Captain John Goss has been awarded the Presidential Citation for his outstanding contribution to the pilot profession by the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA). This highest award by IFALPA acknowledges Capt. Goss’ professionalism as an airline pilot and recognises his exceptional commitment to the Ryanair pilot community.

Captain John Goss’ 26-year long career as an airline pilot with Ryanair has not always been without difficulties. Despite his excellent qualifications, operational skills and attention to safety, in 2004 he took High Court proceedings in Ireland to protect himself from unfair dismissal. His honesty and determination helped him retain his job, while continuing to grow, learn and focus on safety of civil aviation.


Ryanair pilot rewarded for outstanding contribution (Eurocockpit.be)

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(Graham Hughues/Photocall Ireland)


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