Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology



What you may need to know

1, We do love renegade philosopher Slavoj Zizek. He’s having a bit of a barney with Chomsky at the moment. No, not our Chompsky – the other one.

2. It is a sequel to the brilliant 2006 documentary The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema. Track it down.

3. It was shot in Ireland, and is co-produced by Blinder, who do The Savage Eye.

4. It’s directed by Sophie Fiennes. Her brother is Voldemort. And M.

5. The film features an extended riff on John Carpenter’s masterpiece They Live (1988). If you haven’t seen it, do.

6. Broadsheet Prognosis: we’re holding out for a trilogy.

Release Date: Autumn

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