577904_10200624101705597_1396725329_nGrand Theft Auto V map overlayed on to a map of Dublin city.

Why the hell not.

James Butterly writes:

So being a bit of a gamer (understatement) and an even bigger nerd, I spent the best part of the morning designing a comparison map of GTA 5 and Dublin city.
GTA 5’s new map (Los Santos) is approx. 11km in height (North to South, as the crow flies) and is approx. 6km in width (East to West, as the crow flies).
So with this in mind, I went to google maps and searched the same distance in Kilometres and assessed that GTA 5’s map would fit into an area as North as the Airport, as East as the Docklands, as South as UCD and Terenure, and as west as Phoenix park. The result = BOOM!


James Butterly (Facebook)

Thanks Sean Smyth

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