We’ll Be Nicer, They Said


00143284(Ryanair directors James Osborne, left, and Kyran McLaughlin flank CEO Michael O’Leary at the airline’s AGM last month)

And then this goes and happens.

Anton writes:

My girlfriend and I were meant to be going to London to meet her family coming from Rome. She bought the tickets for her family to go back to Rome from London on the Sunday at 4:30pm at a very cheap price due to buying them well in advance.

Since then she got an email from Ryanair saying the flights were cancelled and that she could be refunded (even that process was overly complicated). So we booked the flights for the next morning meaning that we had to pay more money than the original flights and cover the costs of an extra night’s accommodation.

The most frustrating thing is what we found out in the meantime is that the flight on the Sunday was never cancelled, the only change was that the prices were double what we payed initially.

This seems highly illegal so we tried calling customer care only to realise that all the methods of contacting them on their website are not real.

You get an automated email response saying to call the customer care number if we want to resolve our issue and then the number doesn’t even exist.

I found a number for the Corporate office and after 1 hour on hold I got through to a receptionist who patched me through to some guy in Romania who once he heard our story offered us a full refund for the flights, then all of a sudden he retracted his offer and said he doesn’t have the authority and that we should also contact customer care.

SO… I called the receptionist again who basically called me a liar and said that my story was farce and once again told me to contact customer care.

I informed her that the number was not a real number so she told me that its not her concern and that she has my
number on caller ID so she will not be answering me should I call back.

Right now we are out a decent bit of money being that the prices of the tickets for the flight on the next day were more expensive and now we have to pay an extra night’s accommodation for 5 people yet there is no way of being heard. I need some guidance on this because surely they can’t get away with this?



We offer Ryanair a right of reply.

(We tried phoning them, but, you know…)

Update: “Ryanair is investigating the matter”, a spokesman said.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)