90287884John Murray.

Where’s he been?

“You’re very welcome to the John Murray show, with John Murray and I have to say it’s lovely to be back here this morning. I have a lot of thank yous to get through initially. First of all, a very big thank you to Miriam O’Callaghan for doing such a great job in my absence, thank you Miriam. My gratitiude to my Series Producer Margaret Curley and all the gang, Alan, Deirdre, Sheila, Zbyszek, Denise, John and Colm, great to be among you again. And a little bit more personally, my thanks to my wonderful wife Miriam and my two great children, Stephen and Catherine and my family and in-laws and friends.
Well, what to say about the last six months? One minute I’m happily presenting this radio show and enjoying life, the next I’m gripped by dread and anxiety, with the simplest task proving beyond me.

As those with experience of it know, depression doesn’t just drop in and say a quick hello and then head for the hills, or at least my kind didn’t. No, it took a fancy to me and decided to take up residence for a few months, and boy did it make its presence felt. Especially in the mornings, when the day ahead became something to endure, rather than enjoy.

But in my battle to get better, I discovered that I had in my arsenal, a secret weapon, you the listener, I’m so, so grateful to everyone who took the trouble to write to me, send me get well soon cards and mass cards, those of you who rang and texted and emailed the show, enquiring after my health.

All the people whom I met over the past few months in Rathfarnham  and elsewhere, thanks for making the tougher days a bit easier with your love and concern, and for helping me get back here this morning, so we can renew our friendship now and have a bit of craic in the process. I’m a little bit reluctant about giving advice to others who might find themselves depressed or anxious, everyone is different.

But one thing I will say is, don’t be too hard on yourself, you haven’t failed life’s test, share your thoughts and feelings with others and don’t suffer in silence. And can I say, finally to anyone who knows someone who is depressed, don’t be afraid to contact them, they mightn’t reply immediately, or at all, but boy, will they appreciate that someone is thinking of them. I know, I did!”


John Murray, RTE R1 this morning.

(Sam Boal/Photocall ireland)

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