Remember Us This Way


retroeireretroeire2retroeire3Stuck for a gift for a homesick emigrant?

Why not tell them to grow up and pull their socks up?

And then have a look at RetróEire, a website containing a range of Irish keepsakes made by returned emigrants.

They write:

We were living Australia and really missing home. We began to think… what is it about Ireland that we missed the most? Was it the people, the places, the stories, the wit or was it the tay? That’s what moved us to create iconic Irish keepsakes. An image here. A cúpla focal there.
So home we went, no jobs to go to. RetróEire was born. RetróEire can be sent anywhere. To loved ones, dear ones, near ones, anyones at home or away.A small reminder for those who can’t come home.




No cash, favours or keepsakes were given for this post
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