Yesterday, investigations correspondent at the Irish Examiner, Conor Ryan, got a tip-off about the whereabouts of Charlie Allen, the leader of the controversial Rodolphus Allen Private Family Trust.

Mr Allen was in an outhouse behind Lotamore House in Tivoli, Cork.

There had been a warrant out for his arrest and, after Mr Ryan confirmed Mr Allen’s whereabouts, Mr Allen was arrested.

He is to appear in the High Court today.

Lotamore was one of the thousands of properties which people have paid to have signed into Mr Allen’s trust.

Mr Ryan writes:

“Today’s hearing will give him the opportunity to explain how he thinks he can help thousands of people defeat their mortgages by moving properties into a trust that shares the ideological language of the freeman of the land movement.”

“This summer, at least 2,000 people believed enough in his strategy to sign their properties into his Rodolphus Allen Private Family Trust. ”

“In August, Mr Allen, a landscape gardener in Kilkenny, already estimated that €2bn of assets had been placed into the trust. ”

“A month later, he threatened receivers, banks and auctioneers with damage claims in excess of €100m if they continued to lay claim to the properties in question. ”

“However, many of the properties that were signed in have been sold despite his actions. 



Allen gets the chance to justify the trust placed in him (Conor Ryan, Irish Examiner)

Leader of mysterious trust, Charles Allen Snr, arreste (Conor Ryan, Irish Examiner)

Conor Ryan


90321875Charles Allen arriving at the High Court today.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)