UCD old boy Peter Sutherland at the official opening of a new €25million law school in University College Dublin today which the college have kindly named after him.

The largest theatre in the new €25 million  Lizard School of Economic Management UCD Sutherland School of Law also serves as a ceremonial moot court. In this simulated courtroom setting students will better develop their advocacy, dispute resolution, client counselling and negotiation skills


Mr Sutherland was a Fine Gael-appointed former attorney general of Ireland in the 1980s and a former EU Competition Commissioner. He is chairman of the London School of Economics, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Migration and non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International. And is a leading member of the illuminati the secretive Bilderberg Group. Your basic human greed machine.

He’s also helping the Vatican with their finances.

Good times.

Thanks Jason Clarke

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