Bottler: I Can Fix It


90318934(Health Minister Dr James Reilly)

[James Reilly] said he would fix the problem in the CRC and across all other agencies, but it cannot be resolved “at the drop of a hat.”

He asked the public to trust in the fact that he will deal with the situation properly.

The minister said it was not fair that “front line staff are working so hard and that they’re fully compliant that others are not and we’re not going to tolerate that.”

Mr Reilly said there are people working in the Department of Health who were approved for higher salaries but they were granted permission to do so by the department and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform after discussions with both departments.



He also rejected claims by the Central Remedial Clinic that it had cut a deal with the Health Service Executive in 2009 to allow them to top up salaries.

Reilly rejects call for independent inquiry into top-ups (RTE)

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