Meat meant for dog food is believed to have ended up in the human food chain in an “industrial-scale” fraud carried out in Northern Ireland, a government report has found.

The Elliott Review into food supply said the fraud came to light in 2005. The report said the potential profit on about 1,000 tonnes of meat found was in the region of £3m. The report did not state where in Northern Ireland the so-called “Category 3 meat” was found, but it was located after officials traced a suspicious container that had arrived in Northern Ireland from Asia.

The report said it became evident “that the primary business of the cold store was repacking and re-labelling as fit for human consumption Cat 3 ABP meat”. Category 3 ABP meat is defined by government as meat that has been passed fit for human consumption but which is not intended to be eaten. It may include hides, hair, feathers and bones.

Dog food meat ‘ended up in human food chain’ says report (Conor Macauley, BBC News NI)

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