The Fair Play Though, In Fairness Awards 2013


-1A coveted ‘Chompsky’ (above).

Who will win the Fair Play Though, In Fairness award 2013?

YOU decide.

Was there anyone in Irish public life [political, artistic, academic, etc] who didn’t greatly disappoint you this year?

OK then.

Do YOU have Someone YOU know who proved this year to be a decent skin in a world gone flaky?

A thoughtful friend/relative/colleague/LOVER who went out of their way for OTHERS this year.

Someone of whom you thought: fair play though, in fairness.

This is their award.

Five will be chosen.

To nominate a candidate for the 2013 FPTIF please complete this sentence.

I nominate__________________  because_____________________, in fairness

Nominations close at MIDNIGHT.

Prizes for nominators.

The beautiful perspex FPTIF award was designed by James M Chimney inspired by Celtic mythology. “Chompsky represents Cú Chulainn’s hound”. James avers. ” I have used the original bad-leg Chompsky because I was using an old file as a nod to tradition.”

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