Written, Directed, And Starring Irish People Aged 8 To 16


Three trailers from three new directors.

Luke Leslie is a Dublin-based creative director who works out of a new motion studio called Replayhouse but has produced original material for 10 years under the name Buckled Cranium.

He writes:

“Last August I was invited by the Irish National Performing Arts School, based out of The Factory in Dublin, to coordinate an intensive one-week make-a-movie course for students aged 8 to 16. Three teams conceived and produced over 20minutes of original material in the form of three four-minute short films – Knock, Knock, Light-Force and Silent Rage – and three two-minute high-concept movie trailers – Broken Wings, Guardian Angel and Malice in Funderland [above].”

See the three short films here: Knock, Knock, Light-Force and Silent Rage

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