How We Doin’?


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[At the Labour Party Conference in the Johnstown House Hotel, From top: Eamon Gilmore;  Conference delegate; Ruairi Quinn (left) and Pat Rabbitte; Joan Burton and Pat Rabbitte;  Joan Burton and Jack O’Conor, president of SIPTU; on the conference floor; Eamon Gilmore with from left: Emer Costello, Lorraine Higgins and Phil Prendergast]

“Too many of our people are still just getting by from day to day, and from week to week. Existing, rather than living. Too many people are worried about what next week and next month will bring, and about the future of their children.
These are the people for whom we have to make recovery real.
…We could go back to the bad old ways. Of insider politics. Of tax breaks for those in the know. Of a casino economy where people build and sell property to each other and where families who need homes are priced out. Of a country and an economy run, not by the people for the people, but for a special few, who think they’re worth it.
That’s not the future we choose. ”

Eamon Gilmore this evening.


!Tánaiste: ‘For six long years, our country and our people have been to hell and back’ (

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)