“Minister if you are going to stay in power and the Commissioner’s going to stay in place then I think this parliament is a sham. The people are right to be cynical about politics. They are right to be cynical about politicians.

This place is a joke. We play games in here. Well you know what? Sometimes these games lead to the unfair distribution of justice or no justice being distributed. Sometimes these games lead to people losing their lives. They lead to murders. They lead to the families not getting any justice. And what do we see so often when bad things raise their heads?

We see our police force circle the wagons. We see our politicians circle the wagons. Do what it takes to cover up what we don’t want to see. Do what it takes to hide the truth. Is there any appetite for doing things any different in this house?

“Minister you look up at us and you’d say how dare those poeple with their long hair and raggy jeans have the audacity to challenge YOU. Well, I’ll tell you something, the people of Wexford that elected me to come in here didn’t put me in here to approve of your behaviour, they put me in here to challenge it. It’s time for you to go, Minister, and bring the Commissioner with you.”

Independent TD Mick Wallace in the Dail today.

‘Long hair and raggy jeans’ – Mick Wallace in emotional outburst (Independent.ie)

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