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[A pylon recently]

Bonzer writes:

“Maybe this isn’t sexy enough for you, but after all the free media you’ve given to the anti-pylons groups, I thought it might be worth sharing my now confirmed suspicions.
Since day one, this anti-pylons campaign has stunk. It’s been my long-held assumption that Fianna Fail have been stoking a rural uprising against the ‘bogey-man pylons’ as a way of slithering their way back into office.

Lo and behold, today they announce that the country’s foremost anti-pylon campaigner is to run for an MEP seat. Subtly (and not so subtly) help him to build his profile, then whack him on the ticket on a populist issue. Just thought you might want to share this with your readers, lest you be complicit in returning a Fianna Fail MEP to the European Parliament. People probably deserve to know when they’ve been played like fiddles.


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