Would You Believe?



[Willie and Mary Corduffi, of Rossport, Co Mayo. In 2007, Willie was jailed for his part in anti-Shell pipeline protests and was awarded the Goldman Environmental prize in 2009).

Shell to RTÉ?

Of course you would.

Last weekend’s Airing Erris’ seminar about Corrib gas media coverage organised by the peace and justice group, Afri (Action from Ireland) iincluded an address from former producer/editor at RTE and author, Betty Purcell.

Betty revealed

“in 2009, she proposed and scheduled 21 documentaries and only one, ‘Living on the Edge’, a Would You Believe programme about Willie and Mary Corduff’s life on their farm in remote Rossport, was questioned and challenged by management.
It was even suggested, she said, that because TV3 were about to do a documentary on Corrib ‘maybe we should leave it to them’.
She claimed the pressure on her team was ‘sustained’ and stated her belief that Shell personnel appeared to have ‘automatic access’ to senior management in RTE.”

Corrib coverage ‘infected’ by power of Public Relations (Mayo News)

Watch ‘Living On The Edge’ here

Pic via Goldman prize

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