There Can Be Only One



You may recall yesterday’s find-a-slogan-for-the-Leinster-Munster match competition?

Runners up:

“The Blitz Against The West Brits” (YakYak)

‘The Benedict Cumbersnatch Memorial Mayhem Trophy’ (James Collery)

“This Time It’s Provincial!” (Bingo)

“The donnybrook In (near) Donnybrook” (Terence)

“Revenge of the Killer Turnip Eaters” (Philipe Phlop)

“You’ll Schmidt your Kidneys” (And)

“The Wham Bam of Mum vs Mam” (Moochaill)

And the Winner of a Pair of tickets to de game (chosen for its effort and neediness)

Leinster v Munster: “Attitude is everything”; Their blood. Their sweat. Your tears”; “Those who believe will be champions”;“Demand respect. Or expect defeat”; “Rivalry is everything” Please!!!!! Really want these tickets, can’t find them anywhere. and to be honest struggling to afford them anyways! (FredTheNinja)

Thanks all.

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