Eat The Speech



A video compiled by Newswhip the people-powered news people on how Pantigate – a story intiailly ignored by mainstream media – evolved with YOUR help.

Paul from Newswhip sez:

“We wanted to show how social media and more unofficial online news outlets can drive news agendas…”


…holding a minority view does not automatically confer martyr status on an individual. It just means their opinions are unpopular.This phenomenon was evident during the Pantigate controversy when some commentators, railing against the online backlash, seemed to suggest that central to the concept of free speech was the right to express an opinion without that opinion being challenged or derided.No such right exists.
…If there is a threat to freedom of speech in this country, it is not coming from social media, but from people who prefer to make accusations of bullying instead of defending their opinions from legitimate criticism.

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make it bullying – it’s free speech (Colette Browne, Irish Independent)


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